Brief Introduction

    On March 28, 1997 Shenzhen Nanshan Library opened door and welcomed its first reader.  

    Nanshan Library is a district-level public library invested and constructed by Nanshan District Government  in 1994 and is one of the landmark for cultural architecture in Nanshan District, covering 13700 ㎡ of floor space with design capacity of six hundred thousand books collection. After renovation of adding stories in 2011 construction area was expanded to 18700 ㎡ with 1741 reading seats. As of 2016 library document resource collection reached 1.956 million volumes, including 1.314 million books, more than 300 thousand e-books and 1,380 varieties of journals.  

Nanshan Library always adheres to the philosophies of “Readers First” and “Service Oriented”, and attracts readers with open-ended service and creates benefit with courteous service. Cozy and comfortable reading space, rich variety of vibrant reader activities draw large flocks of readers to come. Plus, it opens 365 days a year. In recent years, its annual reader reception maintains above 1.5 million person trips.      

     Nanshan Library provides books, journals, e-books and comprehensive reading rooms, classical collection room, children’s reading room, parent-child reading room and study hall as well to meet need of different readers. Public lectures, such as “PhD Forum”, “Common People Health Forum”, “Nanshan Cultural Forum” etc., are held year round. Also, large scale reader activities like “Family Reading Competition”, “Knowledge Contest for Migrant Young Worker” are organized each year. In addition, permanent public consulting room is set to offer readers subject consulting in the fields of “Law” and “Psychology”. Rich collections of Founder APABI digital books, CXSTAR E-books, China Science and Technology Journal Database, VIP Exam Service Platform, book attached CD database and self-constructed Nanshan Humanity Information Multi-Media Database,Shenzhen Current and Past Photos Collectionmake it possible that readers can enjoy digital resource service of Nanshan Library at home.    

     As of 2017, Nanshan Library has established eight branches with forty-four outside circulation points widespread among street communities across Nanshan District. NanshanLibrary and its branches are under unified management with features of onelibrary card validity for all branches, free interlibrary loan service, interactive activity, thus constitute an interconnected, mutual beneficial and resource sharing public library service system. With the help of city-level public library service platform, Nanshan Library and all its branches have realized interlibrary loan service with other Shenzhen city and district level libraries.  

Contact NO.

Administrative office Tel:0755-2652 0400

Consulting Tel:0755-2652 0380 Tel: 0755-26520380

Transportation guide 


Metro: Line 1 (Luobao) Taoyuan station B exit,walk towards north along Changxing Road for 200m

Bus line:  nearby bus station  (Nanshan Huan Le Song station,Nanshan Sports and Culture Center station, Taoyuan &Nanxin Road Crossing station,Nanshan Trade Market station)